This Union is an informal group established to provide occasional positive commentary on The Union, that is the United Kingdom.

Those writing pieces for the This Union do so in a personal capacity. However, often the articles are a collaborative effort, and more often than not will be identified only as from the general Editorial team – though there has generally been an originator who has had the final say on an edited piece.

The general policy of This Union is that it is not Party Political, doesn’t take aim at any individual other than the statements to which they might lay claim, and isn’t the place for short newsy items or trolling – plenty of that on Twitter and other social media.

We’ll also leave it to social media to excite wider comment.  This site is for writing, provoking thought, and for further consideration elsewhere.

This is a group site. All contributions are stand alone, and speak only to that article within the general policy of the group whether named or under general editorial post.