Global Britain
Global Britain was founded in 1997 by Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Lord Stoddart of Swindon and Lord Harris of High Cross with the aim of making the case that Britain’s prosperity is founded on a global vision, not a European customs union, and that British prosperity would be best served by withdrawing from the European Union.

Think Scotland
ThinkScotland was established as a virtual think tank in 2006 to encourage greater discussion in Scotland about economic, social and constitutional policies – from the perspective of mainly Scottish Conservative authors. The site relaunched in July 2012 seeking a far broader constituency as an independent not-for-profit debating forum with a cross-section of topical, political and cultural writing on a daily basis. ThinkScotland’s editorial position has always been right of centre – with the aim of explaining and defending free markets and an open liberal society – but crucially without endorsing any one political party – or taking a corporate view.

 Policy Exchange
Policy Exchange is an educational charity with a mission to develop and promote new policy ideas which deliver better public services, a stronger society and a more dynamic economy. Its research is independent and evidence-based and ideas are shared with policy makers from all sides of the political spectrum. Research is strictly empirical and we do not take commissions, allowing independence and the ability to shape workable policy recommendations.

Brexit Central
BrexitCentral provides an online home for all wanting to follow the twists and turns of our departure from the EU and hold the government to carrying out the instructions of the British public. It is committed to bringing specialist coverage for everyone in the UK and beyond who wants to understand and make a success of Brexit. BrexitCentral believes that the vote to reject the costs and bureaucracy of the EU and take back control was a positive move and remains unapologetically optimistic about Britain’s future as an independent, free-trading, global-facing sovereign nation.

These Islands
A forum for debate founded in the conviction that no crisis should be allowed to go to waste. It stands unabashedly for the view that more unites the three nations of Great Britain than divides them, and that good relations between the various communities of Northern Ireland, Great Britain, and the Republic of Ireland are all the more important to work for in the wake of Brexit. Enthusiastic about the Union, it is enthusiastic as well about local identities and loyalties. It recognises that to explore a British sense of identity is also to explore the other identities that people in these islands have, and that the plural nature of the United Kingdom, far from constituting a weakness, is its greatest strength.